We review each application to assess whether it meets our criteria and how we can best be of help. Subsidized funding decisions will be made based on each situation so please be as detailed in your application as possible explaining why you need help and the condition of your horse. We will require proof of your financial need so please also be prepared to provide the necessary documentation.

Once an application is approved, we provide the funds directly to the veterinarian or farrier providing the services.

Every person’s financial situation is unique and the same is true when someone needs financial help. Here are just some examples of situations where a person may qualify for our assistance.

  • Seniors receiving the Federal Guaranteed Income Supplement
  • Single income homes when work income is disrupted and on-farm horses are at risk
  • Low income homes faced with unexpected emergency equine medical bills
  • Persons (with equines) at risk of abuse participating in the OVMA SafePet Program (or other provinces’ equivalent programs)

Each application will be assessed for eligibility and contributions will be made based on each situation and available funding.

Applications must be made using the Application Form.