There is so much to caring for a horse and, to providing for them and making sure their needs are met. Some things may seem like common sense but our knowledge and understanding of horses is always changing and evolving.

While it is always important to follow the advice of your veterinarian and farrier, it is also equally important to be as knowledgeable as one can be about horse care. Unfortunately, some of the most worrying cases of horse neglect start with a basic lack of knowledge.

One of our goals at MDHPIC is assist horse owners with developing their knowledge and skills to help them prevent health and other such problems from starting in the first place. Here you will find a variety of resources with loads of information.

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Hoof Whisperings Notebook

Hoof Whisperings Notebook by Paola di Paolo Notes about horses living barefoot and naturally. For further information regarding natural hoof care, please visit email and we will forward your questions to Paola. Download