At the Marie Dean Horse Protection Initiatives Canada, we work to ensure horses stay with their owners, even through tough financial times. Your donation can make all the difference in preventing:

  • untreated injuries and other neglected health issues
  • unwanted breeding
  • a poor re-homing experience
  • horse abandonment
  • sale at an auction where the horse might be bought with the intention of being shipped for slaughter

$10 – can buy a bale of hay *
$50 – can pay for farrier care *
$300 – can pay pay for gelding a stallion *
$200 – can pay to have a horse humanely euthanized *
$ any amount is always welcome for emergency vet care

If you prefer to donate by mail, you can send us a cheque or a money order to the address on our Contact Us page. Please provide your mailing information so we can send you a tax receipt.

Thank you so much for your support. All our donations are processed by Canada Helps and your tax receipt will appear with their name.

* these are approximate costs as they can vary greatly by province and region