Testimonial: Go And Play Stable

Rudy The Rock

We first heard of the Marie Dean Horse Protection Initiatives – Canada in early 2018.  We had a mare who was struggling and needed extra feed, care & treatments that our funding just wasn’t able to provide at that time. It was brought to our attention that we could apply and have the opportunity to be granted funding for monetary assistance towards vet, farrier, feed & alternative therapies.

An application and a quick approval process allowed us the opportunity to not only help this mare live an amazing last few months of her life before her physical limitations caught up to her, but it gave us the chance to spoil her with as many extras as she allowed massage, extra veterinary procedures to get a thorough diagnosis in to her issues, as well as supplements that helped to bring her calmness in her final months.

Without the MDHPIC funding, this mare likely would have been euthanized months prior, and would have left us still struggling to come to terms with what was wrong with her and not be able to help her the way we wanted to.

Roly’s Girl (Molly)

Not long after, we rescued a gelding from the auction lot that was skin & bones, with big ankles, and seemingly struggling to get through daily life. The one thing he did have, a spark in his eye. While many of his previous owners, caretakers & people who cared about him stepped up to assist with the initial costs of paying his bail funding, and his quarantine stay & it was clear that it would be a long financial stretch to get him back to health. Enter the wonderful MDHPIC team once again. To have them come to our aid twice in one year was a true miracle & and both horses would have never had the opportunities that they have gotten, if it wasn’t for the additional funding from this amazing program.

One thing we often struggle with, is people who come to us with horses who are elderly, injured, or suffering. They don’t have the heart or the financial ability to euthanize them, and they don’t want to see them end up at auction either. Euthanasia is not a cheap option, however it is often the kindest one. Unfortunately we often turn away these horses because we simply don’t have funding available either.

Programs like MDHPIC are truly god-sends because the opportunity for individuals to have the chance to get funding to assist with emergency veterinary costs, or to help towards the cost of a humane ending for their beloved companion & we need more programs like this one in our region!

Please consider donating towards this fantastic program, they have helped many horses & including our two amazing horses, Roly’s Girl  (Molly) and Rudy The Rock.  I look forward to seeing this program help many more horses in the future as well!

Go and Play Stables

Testimonial: The Story of Buck, A Rescued Horse Sponsored by MDHPIC

“I would like to thank the Marie Dean Horse Protection Initiatives Canada and the Canadian Horse Defence Coalition for their very generous donation towards the care of “Buck.” Buck was a breeding stallion who ended up in the kill pen at the Kamloops auction. He was 20+ years old and very thin. He was saved from slaughter and came to BC Horse Angels in bad shape. After being wormed and having two rotten teeth pulled, Buck gained weight quickly and transformed into a stunning horse. He was gelded shortly after.

Buck’s kind nature touched everyone who met him. He became the herd babysitter and loved to spend time with the foals. (Many rescued horses come in pregnant.) Buck was rescued with Pearl, an older brood mare. The two are inseparable, and after being with BC Horse Angels for over a year, a wonderful permanent foster was offered for them. Buck & Pearl spent the summer with their caregiver, who provides horses with the best possible care. Buck & Pearl will return to BC Horse Angels for the winter and go back to their foster home in the spring. These two gentle, deserving horses will have permanent sanctuary for the rest of their lives.

Thank you MDHPIC! None of this would be possible without your generous gifts towards the horses.”

Belinda Lyall ~ BC Horse Angels

Buck, restored to good health

MDHPIC cannot continue to help other rescued horses without donations.

We are a registered charitable organization and can provide tax receipts – please consider making a donation to help us continue this valuable work.

19 Year-Old Standardbred Molly Is A Recipient of MDHPIC’s Support Program

One of the recipients of the MDHPIC support program is Molly, a beautiful 19-year-old standardbred mare under the guardianship of Go and Play Rescue. Go and Play are a registered Canadian organization dedicated to retraining former harness racing horses for sport. Go and Play are funded by profits from fundraising events and public donations and is completely run by a team of volunteers.

Join their Facebook site here
And also learn more on their website here

You can read Molly’s story here:


October 4th 2017 – we received a plea for help from the son of an elderly man who owned two Standardbred mares. Their beloved owner had unexpectedly fell ill and had to immediately go in to assisted living care. Both horses had been owned and loved by the same man their entire lives. They knew no one else, and change was going to be rough on them. They had less than a month to find a home as the person caring for them could not do it for more than a few weeks.

We immediately stepped in to action, but at the time our foster homes were full going in to the winter, and so we had to work hard to find an alternative spot for the mares. Unfortunately within days of our initial contact, the family had been offered money for the younger mare by a local Amish family and they took their offer before we could find her an alternative home. The Amish didn’t want the older mare because she was not sound or useful to them. However, they would give the family $100 for the mare but said that would be sending her directly to auction. With little time to spare, we gathered together $200 and offered it to the family if they would hold off and allow us to take her – thankfully they agreed.

And thus Molly’s journey with us began.

She spent a few weeks with one of our amazing supporters, and lovely racehorse owners who had sent multiple horses through our adoption program. Molly had her driving shoes removed and got a chance to stretch her legs (she had been kept in a stall since her owner’s unfortunate health decline).

Molly then moved to a permanent foster home where she struggled to find her place amongst her new herd mates, she struggled to come to terms with the changes in her life – and the new people caring for her. Molly dropped and gained weight, then dropped it again. She was stressed, sore, and scared. Her foster home worked hard to try to help her, but it became obvious she needed more time and a quieter environment than they could give.

So on April 1st (no April Fool’s Day jokes here!) Molly moved to one of our long time foster homes in the Belleville area – where she would be directly under the care of our wonderful massage therapist Ashley from Square One Equine, along with she had a quiet environment at a private farm.

In just mere weeks, Molly has gone from struggling to keep her weight on, to packing on the pounds! We’ve got her on some amazing products from Herbs for Horses, including their Serenity Calming Supplement and their Probio Plus Supplement. She has settled in beautifully with her fellow mare pasture mates; and she has taken an extreme liking to her foster mom Mallory.

After arriving, she received a full evaluation from the local veterinarian and it was determined that Molly has Stringhalt. What a huge relief it was to get to the bottom of her soundness issues, and we have now been able to help work on strengthening her body. While Molly will only ever be a companion horse – at 19 years old, she deserves to live the retired life of royalty! She has a cheeky personality and she loves to bond with people.

Molly has an incredible group of Guardian Angels watching over her and helping her to reach her ultimate goal in comfortability and happiness – their donations and the love that they send her way, we can never explain just how much it means to us – and to Molly. While we will never replace Molly’s original owner of 18 years – we hope that one day we will be able to find her an amazing family that loves her just as much!